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10 Ways to Take the Trauma Out of Home Buying

by Anne Barnes


simpatico. Home buying is not only a big

financial commitment, but also an

emotional one. It’s critical that the

professional you choose be both skilled

and a good fit with your personality.

Find a RE/MAX professional who’s


buy, any more than there’s a “right” time

to sell. If you find a home now, don’t try

to second-guess the interest rates or the

housing market by waiting. Changes don’t

usually occur fast enough to make that

much difference in price, and a good home

won’t stay on the market long.

Remember, there’s no “right” time to


natural to want reassurance for such a big

decision, but too many ideas will make it

much harder to make a decision.

Don’t ask for too many opinions. It’s


Focus in on the things that are most

important to you and let the minor ones


Accept that no house is ever perfect.


Negotiation is definitely a part of the real

estate process, but trying to “win” by

getting an extra-low price may lose you the

home you love.

Don’t try to be a killer negotiator.


vacuum. Don’t get so caught up in the

physical aspects of the house itself—room

size, kitchen—that you forget such issues

as amenities, noise level, etc., that have a

big impact on what it’s like to live in your

new home.

Remember your home doesn’t exist in a


and made an offer to get approved for a

mortgage. Presenting an offer contingent

on a lot of unresolved issues will make

your bid much less attractive to sellers.

Don’t wait until you’ve found a home


in your post-home buying budget. Even if

you buy a new home, there will be some

costs. Don’t leave yourself short and let

your home deteriorate.

Factor in maintenance and repair costs


inevitable and will probably pass. Buying

a home, especially for the first time, is a

big commitment, but it also yields big


Accept that a little buyer’s remorse is


it; then think about appreciation. Average

appreciation of a home in Lethbridge over

the last 10 years has been 2% per annum.

Choose a home first because you love

5 Reasons You Need

by Anne Barnes



In most cases, buying or selling a home

requires disclosure forms, inspection

reports, mortgage documents, insurance

policies, Real Property Reports and titles.

A knowledgeable

help you avoid delays or costly mistakes.

A real estate transaction is complicated.RE/MAX associate can


consuming. It usually takes another 30 –

60 days or so for the transaction to close

after an offer is accepted. Your

sales professional will make sure all

documents are legally binding and that

financial institutions, lawyers, and other

professionals working on your behalf

receive all the proper paperwork for your

new home.


Most people buy and sell only a few homes

in a lifetime, usually with quite a few years

in between purchase. And even if you’ve

done it before, laws and regulations

change. That’s why having an expert on

your side is critical. Your

Realtor will know what documents and

terms and conditions to put into your

purchase contract to protect you!


Since a home often symbolizes family,

rest, and security, not just four walls and a

roof, home selling or buying is often a very

emotional undertaking. And for most

people, a home is the biggest purchase

they’ll ever make. Having a concerned,

but objective, third party helps you keep

focused on both the business and

emotional issues most important to you.

Realtors provide objectivity.


Canadian Real Estate Association, a trade

organization of Realtors that subscribe to

a stringent code of ethics that helps

guarantee the highest level of service and


Realtors are members of the

Realtors have done it before.RE/MAX
Selling or buying a home is timeRE/MAX


by Anne Barnes

1.Be picky,but don't be unrealistic.There is no perfect home.

2.Do your homework before you start looking.Decide specifically what features you want in your home and which are most important to you.

3.Get your finances in order.Review your credit report and be sure you have enough money to cover your down payment and closing cost.

4.Don't wait to get a mortgage pre-approval.Talk to a lender and get overqualified for a mortgage before you start looking.

5.Don't ask too many people for opinions.It will drive you crazy.Select one or two people to turn to if you feel you need a second opinion.

6.Decide when you could move.When is your leases up?Are you allowed to sublet?How tight is the rental market in your area?

7.Think long-term. Are you looking for a starter house with the idea of moving up in a few years or do you hope to stay in this home longer?This decision may dictate what type of home you'll buy as well as the type of mortgage terms that suit you best.

8.Don't let yourself be "house poor". If you max yourself out  to buy the biggest home you can afford,you'll have no money for maintenance or decoration or to save money for other financial goals.

9.Don't be naive. Insist on a home inspection and ask to see if any recent renovations done to the home have development permits.

10.Get help hire a REMAX REALTOR. Their duty is to work for you.Most times their professional real estate fees are paid by the seller of the home.


by Anne Barnes

1.Equity.Money paid for rent is money that you will never see again,but mortgage payments let you build equity in your home.

2.Savings.Building equity in your home is a ready-made savings plan.Over 10 years homes on average have appreciated 2% per year in Lethbridge. That means if you buy a home today for $250,000 it will be worth approximatley $300,000 in 10 years.

3.Perdictability.Unlike rent,your mortgage payments don't go up over the years so your cost may actually go decline as you own your home longer.How ever,keep in mind that property taxes and insurance cost will rise.

4.Freedom. The home is yours.You can decorate any way you want and be able to benefit from your investment for as long as you own your own home.

5.Stability.Remaining in one neighborhood for several years gives you a chance to participate in community.

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