In most cases, buying or selling a home

requires disclosure forms, inspection

reports, mortgage documents, insurance

policies, Real Property Reports and titles.

A knowledgeable

help you avoid delays or costly mistakes.

A real estate transaction is complicated.RE/MAX associate can


consuming. It usually takes another 30 –

60 days or so for the transaction to close

after an offer is accepted. Your

sales professional will make sure all

documents are legally binding and that

financial institutions, lawyers, and other

professionals working on your behalf

receive all the proper paperwork for your

new home.


Most people buy and sell only a few homes

in a lifetime, usually with quite a few years

in between purchase. And even if you’ve

done it before, laws and regulations

change. That’s why having an expert on

your side is critical. Your

Realtor will know what documents and

terms and conditions to put into your

purchase contract to protect you!


Since a home often symbolizes family,

rest, and security, not just four walls and a

roof, home selling or buying is often a very

emotional undertaking. And for most

people, a home is the biggest purchase

they’ll ever make. Having a concerned,

but objective, third party helps you keep

focused on both the business and

emotional issues most important to you.

Realtors provide objectivity.


Canadian Real Estate Association, a trade

organization of Realtors that subscribe to

a stringent code of ethics that helps

guarantee the highest level of service and


Realtors are members of the

Realtors have done it before.RE/MAX
Selling or buying a home is timeRE/MAX